YouTube is like a jungle.

With so many channels, and trending charts ready to scream for your attention, it’s too tempting to wander off from where you started. Which is exactly the reason why on YouTube, I behave like a hoarder who can’t stop cramming his ceiling with useless collectors items…

Secondly, YouTube is just the greatest platform those who like to witness childish quarrels between fans, and anti-fans; bashful conversations between anynomousxx vs. anonymousxx, backed by opposing teams.

Thirdly, one could spend more than a complete lifetime on YouTube. Every time new uploadstreams from suscribed channels are released, I slightly panick, look away, and quickly search for the close button…”No YouTube, stop promoting new stuff I MUST but won’t ever have the time to know more about”

Anyhow, with each new music video, I will write a story with references from other blogs.


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